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The project stems from the realistic work of the American painter Edward Hopper. Hopper’s quiet stylized paintings offer the viewer glimpses into their subjects. Lonely and disillusioned, his characters exist at society’s margins living out their lives in apparent isolation.

In these photos I try to evoke this atmosphere of loneliness and disillusion. What interests me is the stark contrast between Hopper’s work and the current photographic culture that principally shares our successes. Postings to social media typically focus upon the beautiful, the successful and the pleasantest moments of our lives. In anticipation of “likes”, we present images in the hope of affirmation.

We live in a society saturated by images, in which one Instagram photo is inevitably followed by another. As a Photographer I hope that the viewer will take time to dwell upon my pictures and not give in to the desire to simply swipe to the next. I invite the viewer to linger and allow themselves to enter the melancholy world I invoke.

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